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  • Welcome!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and upcoming birth of your baby! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by.

    When I tell people I specialize in birth photography, the most common thing that I hear is, “OH! I wish I would have known you when I had my kids!” I’m so glad you’re thinking long-term about the impact those images will have on your child and family so you don’t have those same regrets!

    So grab a cup of coffee, put on a movie for the kiddos, and take a few minutes to peruse through some of the information about birth photography and all that it entails. The right birth photographer should share a chemistry and vision with you (when you know it's right, you know!) and I hope you'll choose me for that special day.

    If your time is limited, check out a birth story and take this fun quiz to determine the right birth package for you!

    Feel free to contact me at any point in your information gathering too! I’d love to get to meet you.

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Portland Birth Photography | The Birth of Owen

You’ve heard me say every birth story is unpredictable.  You’ve heard me say every birth is different.

Birth photography

Birth Photography Portland | The First Moments of Ruby

I get a lot of people that ask me, “What exactly is a first moments session?” It’s essentially a

birth photographer

My Own Birth Story | Pearl Anna Laura

I’ve heard people talk my whole life about the “love of a parent,” and if you had asked me before she was born if I

portland birth photographer

Birth Photographer Portland | The Birth of William

I’m so happy I’m finally getting some time to blog this birth session!  Mom, Anna, contacted me on February


The Adoption of Duo

I’m pretty proud of this, not for my work, but for the beautiful people that were captured in it. In July of

birth photos

Rainbow Baby | The Birth of Liam [Kaiser Sunnyside Portland]

I met Shannon in September 2012 on a wine tour with a mutual friend.  She and her husband had been married for two

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